Will this moment just be another story someday?

…this moment will just be another story someday…

I came across this line in the book “The perks of being a wallflower”. It made me think about the moments my life—the good and the bad.

Every moment that’s passed in my life, they’ve all shaped who I am today. I almost have no regrets doing what I did, seeing people whom I saw, and experiencing the unpleasant things that happened.

Good moments give me the motivation to live, to enjoy life, to cherish happy stories. Bad moments teach me lessons, force me to grow up, and give me funny stories to look back.

On days when I feel hazy and foggy, I’ll try to compare moments, stories, and dreams. They seem to be irrelevant, yet somehow they all come together on this same page I’m writing.

Dreams don’t have definite endings. They end when we wake up. Sometimes, we totally forget what we dreamt last night. Sometimes, we remember them so clearly we can’t wait to tell our loved ones—that’s when dreams become stories.

So…this moment, will it be forgotten, or will it be told?

Will it be another story, or will it be a buried memory?

The nice thing about this quote? Sad things will fade away. I used to cry when my beloved cat passed away. I used to hold his cold body in my arms and cry. I used to cry for months. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and cry. But now I don’t anymore. I’m still sad, but I no longer cry.

The sad thing about this quote? Happy things will also fade away. We’ll forget the jokes, the laughter, the lingering kisses, the holding hands when saying goodbye. We’ll neglect whom we love and whom we used to love. And we’ll become indifferent.

I’m surprised to know I can be indifferent, forgetful, and unthoughtful, too. I can be bad-tempered, avoidant, and out-of-love, too. I’d seen people like that but could never imagine myself in the same situation. To be honest, I’m startled to witness that version of myself.

So I try to work on myself a lot. I try to live in the moments and cherish them while they’re still fresh. I try to save them, so no stories are forgotten.

I started keeping happy, neutral, and sad moments in a digital notebook. I know my memory isn’t reliable, so I borrow a place to store all of those stories.

I write about the good things and about the bad things, all to myself. I write in the morning, at late night, during daydreaming times, when battling a distracted mind.

When I face unpleasant moments, I remind myself to be brave and sincere, and that “this too shall pass”. Bad moments have their own value.

But sometimes, when I’m in a good moment yet suddenly think of the bad moments, I’ll wonder:

Will this moment just be another story someday?

Will it be remembered, or will it be forgotten?

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